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  • Portrait by Michael Shane Neal of Sandra Day O'Connor posing for portrait

    "Shane Neal is as fine a portrait artist as there is in the United States today. He has the 'Master's Touch', and is a delightful man."

    Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
    To see a video of the unveiling, click here.
  • Ambassador Charles Rivkin

    "Thank you for the magnificent portrait. I am very proud that it will hang forever at the US Embassy in Paris."

    American Ambassador to France, Charles Rivkin

    For images of the unveiling, click here.

  • Martha Ingram Unveiling

    "This has turned into a most interesting project, Shane, because of our conversations--I love the portrait and admire your artistic abilities so very much."

    Martha Rivers Ingram
  • fortuno-painting

    Recently unveiled the official portrait of Luis Fortuño, Governor of Puerto Rico.

    Governor's mansion, San Juan, Puerto Rico

    For images of the unveiling, click here.

  • Sir Malcolm Colquhoun Unveiling

    "With thanks for the unforgettable 'southern hospitality' and for making what could be a painful experience into such an enjoyable one. We love the portrait!"

    Sir Malcolm Colquhoun

    To see a video of the unveiling, click here.

    For images of the unveiling, click here.

  • Portrait of Richard Thomas, "John Boy" the Waltons TV Series, by artist Michael Shane Neal, The players Club, New York, New York

    "It's really, really good!  I love it!  Such an honor...thank you!

    Richard Thomas, Actor
  • Bill Andrews, BOrad Chairman, Cheekwood, Singer Sewing Machine, Corrections Corporation of America

    "You've done an outstanding job...just terrific!"

    Bill Andrews
  • Portrait by Michael Shane Neal of United States Senator Robert C. Byrd for the U.S. Capitol Washington D.C.

    "I was particularly pleased that the handsome portrait by Tennessee artist Michael Shane Neal showed me with the three pillars of my life- a bible, my beloved Erma, and the United States Constitution."

    United States Senator Robert C. Byrd
  • Former Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne for the U.S. Department of Interior Washington D.C.

    "Thank you for your beautiful art...you got it right!  And you are a great soul to be around during the process."

    United States Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne

    To see a video of the unveiling, click here.

  • Frist-Bush Close Up

    "His genius is capturing the spirit, emotion, and the feeling of his subjects. He loves history; he loves America; he loves people - his work becomes a gift to us and the generations to follow."

    United States Senator, Majority Leader Bill Frist
  • bredesenCombined

    "I hope to be remembered by my works, you certainly will be by yours... I'm very, very pleased."

    Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen