The Commissioned Portrait; Master Class

October 8-12, 2018
Nashville, Tennessee

Take part in a special and focused Master class dedicated to all aspects of the Commissioned Portrait! Held in the private studios of Michael Shane Neal, glean important and valuable information from Neal and his more than 25 years of experience as a commissioned portrait artist, having completed nearly 600 commissions in his career. The week begins with meeting your “client” who will become your model for the week. Experience a planning session, posing your model, lighting techniques, and character study. Complete a photo shoot using Neal’s approach and equipment, learn to use Photoshop techniques in a classroom exercise to enhance and strengthen your photos, study compositional design and complete life sketches from your model. Strengthen your understanding of working from photo reference as well as your model who will pose from life throughout the week. Neal will be critiquing easel to easel as well as working alongside you on the same model using the same techniques for creating a portrait. Journey together through the process and share in both the struggles and the victories of painting on commission.

$2,495 (Lunch included each day with Michael Shane Neal)

Limited to 8 students.

“This past week at your workshop was everything as advertised, and much more. What really gave me a lot to appreciate and think about, were the personal and business insights you shared with us. I have a much better idea of what it takes to be a successful portrait artist. It goes without saying, the art discussions, demonstrations, and classwork were inspirational as well as instructional, and again, insightful. In short, five stars, all around.”
       - Ron Primm


“I felt I was attending an elegant retreat as much as an artists’ workshop. The blend of delicious food, gorgeous surroundings and relaxed conversations were the perfect formula to energize me for learning in the morning, painting in the afternoon and winding down at night.”
            – Jackie Capp