Step Four

Much of the canvas has been covered. The overall effect is established. I am now refining the overall image, working hard on the illusion, the likeness, and adding more detail.

7 Responses to Step Four
  1. C. Ousley

    Looks good Shane. Sounds like you had fun at the Player’s Club. You eeing all that good art makes me jealous. :-) I visited Linda’s site and I really like her figure work. Some of the best I have seen in a while.
    I am painting a portrait of D. now in her 20′s hat. Not as big as your CA man portrait! I will scan & post it when it is dry.

  2. MIchael Shane Neal

    Thanks, C. O.! Had a great time at the Players. You’d love seeing the Sargents, Chase, Stevenson, Kinstlers, etc. Would love to see what you are working on.

  3. C. Ousley

    !eeing?… ( I meant to say “seeing all that good art)….

    I put the portrait of D. up on my blog. Go check it out. Staying busy here painting, drawing and playing keyboards.

  4. C. Ousley

    Let’s get that painting done CHOP! CHOP! 14-16 hour days are for wusses! I expect 25-28 hours!

  5. MIchael Shane Neal

    I can handle that! You know how many hours I can squeeze out of a day. I just added a more recent image. You keep me straight!

  6. Mitch Mann

    Hi Shane,

    Nice portrait demo!

    Would you say that working on a white canvas from the start was helpful?

    Trust you are well,

  7. Mitch Mann


    One thing … is this the HUGE portrait that you mentioned on your blog? Wow, you must have used some HUGE brushes as well!