Great New Book "I’d Rather be in the Studio!"

I just read a wonderful new book for artists entitled I’d Rather Be in the Studio, The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self Promotion ( by Alyson Stanfield ( It is terrific! One of the best books I’ve read on helping artists to better organize their careers and it is full of excellent tips and strategies for marketing your work. A quick read I devoured it on a plane flight and extended layover in the Atlanta airport. In fact, i created this blog as a result of Allyson’s strong belief in the importance of “blogging” by artists. It is a must reference for any artist working today.
Michael Shane Neal and Alyson Stanfield 
at the Portrait Society Conference in 
Philadelphia, PA
3 Responses to Great New Book "I’d Rather be in the Studio!"
  1. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Thanks, Shane! And I found you through Google Alerts (another mention in the book).

    Also, since you’re new to Blogger, you will want to change your comment settings to allow non-Google account holders (everyone else!). It’s friendlier, which is what the blogosphere is all about. Normally, I leave comments using my address, but can’t do that when the Blogger settings are configured to their default. It’s a lesson I “teach” all my first-time bloggers.

    Enjoy the blog! It’s amazing how quickly you got this up.

  2. MIchael Shane Neal

    Great! Thanks, Alyson. So appreciate your stopping by and the terrific suggestions. See you soon!

  3. deborah ridgley

    I as well just finished Alyson’s book and started a blog because of her suggestions.
    It has been really fun. Would love your comments.
    Visit main page of my website and look for blog link at
    See you in Philly.