Great Book on Anders Zorn

I just returned from a fun trip to Kimberly, Wisconsin where I taught a workshop at the Richeson School of Art. It was a great experience. The facilities were terrific and the students could not have been more passionate or excited about growing as artists.

I learned many things, but one discovery in particular was a great new book from China on Anders Zorn. Jim Hemmpel brought in several great books one day for all of us to enjoy including this wonderful volume on Zorn. I ordered one that day and just received mine. I recommend it to anyone who loves Zorn’s work. Regrettably, I can’t read Chinese, but the reproductions are terrific!

You can order one through Barn Site Gallery by clicking here. Enjoy!

4 Responses to Great Book on Anders Zorn
  1. Anonymous

    sounds like a great excuse to just look at the pictures to me….
    Ellie B

  2. C. Ousley

    Shane, a new Leyendecker book will be out soon!

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up! Just yesterdy I was in Borders at Union Square lamenting that there was no books available on Zorn’s works. A picture alone tells a story……art is a universal language. Lewis

  4. Justin Clayton

    If anyone else is looking to buy a copy you can find it at Gallery Nucleus for $60 plus shipping. It is such a great book… despite the text being in Chineese:(

    Great blog!