Easy Cleanup

I forget who showed me this quick and easy cleanup idea, but I love it! 

Do you ever tire of digging out the goop from the bottom of your turp can? Line it with a plastic ziplock bag instead. When it is time to throw away the buildup, simply remove the bag, zip it up, and throw it away! 
Works great!
11 Responses to Easy Cleanup
  1. Betty

    This is a neat idea! I am going to set this up right now!

  2. Art Lady

    I just had an encounter with the gunk today…tomorrow a ziploc is going to the studio with me!
    Brilliant ideas as always….

  3. MIchael Shane Neal

    It works great, terry and betty. Be sure your bag is large enough to fill the can and plenty to fold over the outside. In this messy job, we need all the help with clean up we can get… gives us more time to paint! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Sherrie Hilliard

    Hi, I love the tip but I use orderless paint thinner. It went through the plastic. Doesn’t the turp. do that too? Sherrie

  5. Sherrie Hilliard

    Hi again, I got to thinking. The plastic bag might of had a hole in it. Sure enough the second bag did not leak. The orderless thinner did not eat through the baggie. No more throwing away brush cleaning jars! Thanks so much! Sherrie

  6. MIchael Shane Neal

    Thanks Sherrie–So glad it worked! I have had my bag in for weeks at a time, no trouble. Good Luck.

  7. Brad

    I had been wondering what to do with that sludge… Is it safe to just put in the normal trash?

  8. MIchael Shane Neal

    Hi Brad-
    I think that is the best place we have for it. I bet it can’t compete with what must be in our landfill! At least in the bag, it is possibly contained for a time.
    Thanks for stopping in.

  9. sdonoho

    I’m into pastel, myself, but would a few pinholes close to the bottom allow it to drain four re-use while removing the sediments?

  10. MIchael Shane Neal

    The pin holes might work fine, but probably not worth the trouble. Thanks so much for your comment!

  11. Laurel Alanna McBrine

    I wish I had known this before I gunked up my pretty new brush washer. I have cleaned out the container, but I use walnut oil, so there is a lot of gluey dried oil stuck to the inside of the pot.

    Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of dried oil residue before using the baggie trick?

    I am definitely stocking up on baggies from now on!