Another Touch of Inspiration

One of my favorite series of portraits by Everett Raymond Kinstler are those of Katharine Hepburn. 
This one, currently hanging in a club in NYC blows me away everytime I see it.  Mr. Kinstler’s last of the great actress… it is my favorite.  
Here is a CLOSE UP I shot recently.   Look at those edges, volume, subtle value and temp shifts!  Did I mention the likeness….wow!  What a MASTER.
3 Responses to Another Touch of Inspiration
  1. kyle

    I couldn't agree more Shane, One of my favorites..and for all the right reasons. A reminder why we love Mr. Kinstler's work so very much. Everything is there..drawing , color, masterful values and SPIRIT!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Sonia Hale

    It's so great to see photos of paintings you admire on your travels, Shane. The close-up is wonderful to see. Mr. Kinstler really caught her jewel-like sparkle!

  3. Laurel Alanna McBrine

    Oh, this is gorgeous! I don't remember seeing it before. Is it in any of Mr. Kinstler's books?