Traveling with Photo Equipment

If you are like me and paint portraits, you keep trying to refine what you take along for a photo shoot. Although I LOVE natural light and use it when ever I can, sometimes I need an artificial source.
I settled on this set up several years ago. It is not perfect, but works well enough for me. All of these products are small and fit nicely in a carry on bag for airplane travel. Mine has flown thousands of miles (notice my beat up metal reflector–it acts like a barn door) and still works great.
Here is where to find the equipment:
3 Responses to Traveling with Photo Equipment
  1. Jonathan

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Anonymous

    Shane: I saw this portrait in International Artist (I think)….it is spectacular. I love the background and the figure is outstanding.

    Barb Allen

  3. Antonia Krause

    Thank you so much Michael for the information about the lighting. I have no clue though about setting it up and how it all works. Would you mind sharing that with us too?

    Thank you,
    Antonia Krause