Student Comments about Workshops with Michael Shane Neal

“Your workshop was inspirational, motivational, and full of enthusiasm. Your love and passion for art ‘pours’ out of you. I appreciate you sharing your passion and gift with us.” – Payge Semmes – Madison, AL

“Thank you for another inspiring, informative, and work-filled workshop. You are a gifted artist and teacher going beyond what might be expected in a workshop.” – Connie Kuhnle, Rockford MI

“I feel inspired, enthused, and energized. While at first I felt frustrated because I was not grasping your technique, I now realize that you have helped move my goals to another plane.” – Eileen Daniels – Jamestown, KY

“Thank you so much for a terrific workshop! You give yourself so freely and so completely. I appreciate the generous gift of yourself.” – Jean Gauld-Jaeger, Nashville TN

“His portraits are magic and he gets better with each one… he gives his all and holds nothing back. He is probably the best teacher to be found. ” – Sophia James – New York City, NY

“I have told so many people about your workshop and sang your praises. It was so enjoyable and I came away with renewed enthusiasm.” – Camille Hirsch, Shreveport LA

“The workshop was a wonderful life-changing experience for me. I appreciate so much your dedication to being an excellent teacher.” – Emily Dunagin, McAlester, OK

“Shane is one of the most charismatic of teachers. He is extraordinarily giving of his talent and insights, and his teachings will have long-term implications in my work.” – Sonia Hale – Wellesley, MA

“The following was given to me by one of my students: ‘If you are in the position of teaching others, then you should teach without reservation. The more you give, the more you gain in return.’ Shane, you have this ‘gift’ in your teaching.” – Nina Fritz, Sarasota FL

“Congratulations for your hard work and dedication to the craft. I am proud to call you my teacher.” – S.A. Habib, Nashville TN

“There is always a bit of anxiety when traveling to a workshop, having to leave my family responsibilities and forking over money that I can only hope will be well spent. I am happy to say that your workshop has undoubtedly been the most valuable, the most thorough, and the most organized. Thank you all so much for one of the most memorable experiences of my life.” – Donna Williams Colleran, Atlanta GA

“The workshop was the best formatted and best organized I have ever seen!” – Carolyn McDade – Kennesaw, GA

“During my recent attendance at the portrait painting workshop…, I was treated to a most unexpected and memorable experience. A more friendly, hospitable, and accomodating host is hard to imagine! I believe I can speak for those attending, that we were all honored, impressed, and inspired. I am now highly motivated to practice all you have taught us. Thank you for a most wonderful and professionally profitable experience!” – Angelo Fernandez, Buffalo Valley TN

“Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop… It was a superb experience. You are a great artist and teacher. You give 120% of your time and effort to each student. I appreciate your humble and generous attitude and I especially value your faith and character.” – Teresa Garland Warner, Missoula, MT

“I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed your workshop. You gave so much information, so much encouragement, so many visual delights. I plan on telling everyone!” – Buttons Wolst , Sturgeon Bay, WI

“Thank you so much for the terrific workshop! Your superb organization, extraordinary generocity with the information… and your very delightful self made it again a wonderful experience.”
- Heather Marcus, New York, NY

“I want to thank you again for the most incredible… exciting, and not-to-be-missed week of my artistic life. You are an amazing and brilliant portrait painter and teacher.” – Suzanne Moyer, Yarmouth Port, MA

“This was my 4th summer coming to your workshops, and each time I think it can’t get any better – but it does! Thank you for taking time out to teach and share your knowledge.” – Sandra Colquitt,
Savannah, GA

“It was the most interesting and best organized workshop I’ve ever been to. Shane does a wonderful job of covering a lot of information in an inspiring way…I really enjoyed the workshop and greatly appreciate the time and energy you gave us. You have a very generous spirit… I know I am on the brink of some new and exciting work that I can’t wait to start. You certainly lit a spark.” – Pam Powell, Guerneville, CA

“I’m still looking at the work I produced in your workshop at Richeson, and am trying to remember and apply all that I learned. I believe it was the most informative, enjoyable, and profitable workshop that I have ever attended.” – Linda Kollacks, Libertyville, IL