Speaking Engagements with Michael Shane Neal

Neal speaking
Annapolis, Maryland
Nashville, Tennessee

Invite Michael Shane Neal to speak to your art organization, school, business, church or civic club. For more than 20 years as a professional artist, Neal has painted Supreme Court Justices, United States Senators, University Presidents, CEO’s, Business Tycoons, and hundreds of private portraits for collections around the world. Such notables as Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, United States Senators Arlen Specter, Bill Frist and Robert C. Byrd, international clients such as Sir Malcolm Colquhoun, and celebrities from stage and screen have all posed for him.

An engaging and humorous story-teller, hear insights into his work and his experiences painting some of the world’s most interesting people.

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Quotes from Attendees

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New York, New York
Washington, DC
Atlanta, Georgia

“You have a wonderful gift my friend. Not only with your art but with the way you connect with people. Every single person in the room, including me, was smiling from ear to ear during your presentation. You made my day.”
- Paul Polycarpou, Editor & CEO Nashville Arts Magazine


“Again you wowed ‘em. Besides being a gifted artist, who is always working to improve his craft, you have the ability to communicate in an enjoyable and informative way. You tell about those you paint in flattering ways and yet give a brief glimpse into their characters via the stories. ‘Keep on keeping on.’ You bring joy to many.”
- Seawell Brandau


“I loved being there and hearing you tell your story! You are a wonderfully engaging speaker. You make me think of a kid who woke up in a candy shop and figured out how to spend his whole life there. You are always full of such joy and enthusiasm and it feels good to be a small part of your story.”
- Jennifer Puryear


“Michael Shane Neal gave a great presentation on The Power of Persistence and how talent, without hard work, won’t be enough to make you a success. As usual, his speech was full of Southern charm, humor, and inspiration.”
- Matthew D. Innis, Underpaintings