U.S. Senate Commission on Art Acquires Portrait by Michael Shane Neal

December/January 2005.
Art Support and Education.

Michael Shane Neal was recently commissioned for an historic porject by the U.S. Senate Commission on Art, which acquires and exhibits art for the Senate and publishes the U.S. Senate Catalog of Fine Art. Shane Neal and New York artist, Steven Polson, were chosen to paint posthumous portraits of Senators Arthur H. Vandenberg and Robert F. Wagner, respectively, to be mounted in panels adjacent to murals in the Senate Office Building – something that had never been done before. Ray and Peggy Kinstler, Dawn Whitelaw, Neal’s wife… and his parents were joined by Senators Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton and others for the occasion. Neal and Polson, along with Senators Bill Frist and Chris Dodd spoke at the unveiling.

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST December/January 2005