Shared Experience, The Art of the Portrait

Shared Experience
International Artist Magazine
February/March 2009

International Artist Magaine, Shared ExperiencesNEAL: I am always struggling to move forward, hoping to not repeat past performances. My goal is to try to push each canvas in a way that accomplishes something better than before. Whether technically or in content, I want each work to be a step forward. Of course, that is not always the case. Sometimes an artist takes a step forward and two steps back. I think the secret is staying focused on your goals, realizing you are not alone in your struggles and knowing that becoming an artist is a life long pursuit. It does not happen with one painting or ten years of study. It comes from survival and dedication to knowing that you can always learn more. A healthy dose of dissatisfaction is not necessarily a bad thing. I love the old Jame Montgomery Flagg comment passed along to me by my mentor Ray Kinstler, “Once you have arrived you have no where else to go!”