Studio Sittings With Portrait Artist Michael Shane Neal

During the portrait process Michael Shane Neal will complete a head sketch in oil of the subject from life. This is a valuable resource for the artist when planning the final portrait.

At different times, Michael Shane Neal may also request an additional sitting to be conducted either in the artist’s Nashville studio or at the client’s location. A final sitting is suggested to complete the portrait.

In the studio working on the portrait of Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg by Michael Shane Neal

Bennett Tarleton oil study from life

Tom Donahue oil study from life

Becka Deaton oil study from life

Conley Haynes oil study from life

Mary Nelle Chumley oil study from life

Joe Hill life portrait study

Senator Robert C. Byrd sitting for oil study

Dr. Robert Chambers during a portrait sitting with Michael Shane Neal

Jack Bovender sitting for portrait by Michael Shane Neal

Del Sawyer sitting during a portrait painting by Michael Shane Neal

Richard Bracken sitting for portrait by Michael Shane Neal

Tim Draper sitting for portrait

Final sitting with Justice O'Connor

Anton posing for portait by Michael Shane Neal

Warren Staley posing at the studio of Michael Shane Neal

Senator Bill Frist posing for portrait by Michael Shane Neal

Dr. Harry Jacobson posing for portrait painted by Michael Shane Neal.